Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Storing and Searching Digital Conversations

Wow!  New to me, but it seems that startups Dexrex.com and Silentale.com are both aiming to "store all your digital conversations in one place and allow you to access them (and search them) from anywhere."

As our various social conversations start to bleed over from one service to another, it is increasingly difficult to track them. Google's Wave product seems to offer promise of pulling our "conversations" into it's interface. The above-mentioned offerings combine various instant messaging client conversations and mobile SNS texting and Silentale (just launching in beta) aims to consolidate your conversations and contacts from all platforms that you use: your webmail, your social networks, and your mobile phone. By “digital conversations”, Silentale means literally anything you say to someone privately (email, chat, sms, dm) or publicly (twitter, @replies etc).

Tools like these will become more necessary as new social media services attract each of us and encourage us to venture outside the social sites we started in.

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